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Regular Office Cleaning

Let us focus on keeping your workplace clean, while you focus on what makes you money.
We will provide everything, from cleaning supplies to cleaning staff. Let's take cleaning off your mind.

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Office Cleaning walkthrough

Before we can give you an accurate price for the job, we need to conduct a walkthrough.
In a walkthrough, we will walk through your property and ask you some questions in order to give you an accurate quote for the job.

Example walkthrough questions

To help you get an idea of what we will ask on a walkthrough we have compiled some example questions below. Please note that in most cleaning walkthroughs, we will ask some other questions as well.
Question Example Answer
What type of building needs cleaning? Office
How often do you want the building cleaned? 2 hours, every day
How big is the area needing cleaning? Relatively small, with 5 rooms
How soon would you like the cleaning to begin? As soon as possible
How many bathrooms/toilets are there? Just the one
Will the building be occupied while the cleaning is being carried out? No, we will be there