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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Moving out? Secure your deposit by getting your house professionally cleaned.
We can clean your house professionally for just £15 an hour.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Walkthrough

Before we can clean your House we need to conduct a walkthrough.
In a walkthrough, we will walk around your house and ask you some questions in order to give you a quote for the job.

Example walkthrough questions

All walkthroughs are different, but to help you get an idea of what we will ask on a walkthrough we have compiled some example questions below.
Question Example Answer
What type of building needs cleaning? 3 Bed House
How many staircases do you need cleaned? 1
How many bedrooms do you want deep cleaned? 3 bedrooms in total
How many reception rooms need cleaning? One Dining Room and one living room
What additional services would you like? Oven Cleaning
What are the best days for cleaning? Fridays
What are the best times for cleaning? Anytime is fine