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Regular House Cleaning

Get a bit of help around the house and take a load off your shoulders.
We can clean your house regularly for just £14 an hour.

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House Cleaning walkthrough

Before we can clean your House regularly we need to conduct a walkthrough.
In a walkthrough, we will walk arround your house and ask you some questions inorder to give you a quote for the job.

Example walkthrough questions

To help you get an idea of what we will ask on a walkthrough we have compiled some example questions below. Please note that most cleaning walkthroughs will ask some other questions as well.
Question Example Answer
What type of building needs cleaning? House, Bungalow, or Airbnb
How many staircases do you have? Just one
How often do you want the building cleaned? Every week, on a Monday
How many bedrooms do you want cleaning? Two bedrooms
How many reception room(s) need cleaning? (e.g. lounge, dining room, conservatory, playroom) One Dining Room and one Playroom
What type of cleaning service would you like? Standard regular domestic cleaning
What additional services would you like? Inside Window cleaning
What are the best days for cleaning? Monday
What are the best times for cleaning? Noon (arround 3pm)
Any additional details? Domestic / House cleaner for a two bed house; upstairs living room; bathroom with a combined shower and bath; Toilet; big Kitchen; back porch; Playroom; Dining: for every other week.